Structure, Arrangement, & Connection

Sales & Marketing

Today's business environment is fast paced and unpredictable – order quantities and requirements are constantly changing. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales & marketing team and operations personnel truly understand the volatility in the marketplace and will always try their best to immediately respond to and accommodate your needs, changes and timelines. Our sales teams constantly look for innovative solutions to meet customer's specific requirements to drive their sales success. Our sales teams are deeply committed to customer service and our environment is one of swiftness, flexibility, support and accommodation. Our long-established bonds with industrial partners also guarantee success in terms of price, quality and responsiveness.

Packaging Innovation & Design

Crystal invests heavily in Research & Development and packaging innovation to be a market leader in cosmetics packaging. Our designers work step-by-step with the engineers and plants directly. We believe that communication is key to bringing innovative ideas to reality.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and the maintenance of high manufacturing standards are our top priorities. Our Quality Manager implements strict control procedures from mould development to production lines with the support of a Quality structure based in China. Our activities are based on the preferred industrial procedure and Environmental & social audits have been conducted regularly by our partners. We make sure that every stage of development is being carefully examined to reduce its impact on the environment.